I’ve been looking a long time for someone to do my astrological chart, someone with smarts, intuition, and powerful communication skills. That’s Karrie, right there. Her reading blew my mind. It was insightful, inspirational, deep AND fun. If you want to know who you are and get no-s**t connected to your purpose and guidance to live your superpower, get a reading from Karrie right now.
— Maggy Sterner / Brand & Business Coach

Best money I’ve ever spent!

Here I thought I knew quite a bit about my own chart... but the way Karrie was able to explain it was SO illuminating!

She answered some questions that had been top of mind for me, for how to proceed in my business, and overall gave me a profound understanding about myself and my purpose. I’ve even re-listened to our sessions and got even more out of them. In a word: WOW. I immediately booked another session with her, booked a gift session for my mom, had her on as a guest to speak to the visionary entrepreneurs in my business coaching program, and have recommended her to countless friends & clients!

Seriously. Stop everything & book a session with Karrie now... she is a wealth of information and you’ll walk away with a whole new understanding about yourself, huge doses of self-compassion, and a clearer map for where to put your energy in the months & year to come!
— Willo Sana / Transformational Business Coach

I really appreciated Karrie’s ability to both give me insight to what was happening for me astrologically AND give me practical tools to turn that information into action to make real changes in my life!
— Jasmine Fuego | Singer, Activist, Educator

I met with Karrie at a time when I was experiencing a health issue and had many questions regarding the path I was on. I was only expecting a reading, but what Karrie did for me, was in many ways transformative. She is very intuitive and at a several points in our meeting, I thought she was psychic. She shed light on many areas of myself, that were murky and I found myself overcome with emotion. She showed me what I should let go of in order to grow, as well as areas to focus on and develop in myself to reach my full potential. And gave me some excellent recommendations of self care and long term care, for my health issue. I took all of her lessons to heart and I feel like a better/healthier version of myself for it. Karrie’s reading was a gift, it’s priceless and is something everyone who is looking for light and inspiration should have.
Thank you, KM!
— K. Brien, Massachusetts

I have been trading the same 40 pounds up and down, for half of my life. I have tried every diet that hit the mainstream. It was easy for me to lose weight— but it always came back. Most of the common programs out there tell you that you shouldn’t consider it a diet, but a “lifestyle.” But seriously— they are just diets. I contacted Karrie when it became clear to me that simply following a diet plan was not enough by itself to make a true change to my life style. To program in new habits, you first have to deprogram what you’ve come to accept as true. Karrie presents her goal as helping people become “food neutral.” What I told my friends I was doing, was “food therapy.” Many of my habits, food choices, and health issues are often the result of behaviors that I am not even conscious of. Actually digging into the roots of my bad behaviors, decoding my habitual bad food choices, and looking at health and fitness from a perspective other than being a gym bro were all things a simple diet plan was never going to do for me. Karrie’s program uses western science, eastern mental practices, old fashion self reflection, and a pinch of spirituality— which is far more beneficial than simply counting calories or living on bacon, or mainlining potatoes, or whatever the current fad may be. She covers everything from how to shop to how dig in and find why you crave certain things at certain times. She helped everything make sense to me, and my new health and mental state are reflection of that.
— Seth S., Los Angeles, CA, Living In Alignment Program

I had an excellent reading with Karrie that was so illuminating. She just gets right into it and is careful to get a read from you before jumping into the heavy stuff. She is so conscious about the power of what she’s doing. Thank you for kick-starting me on my path! A true gem in this world.
— Erin C., Pasadena, MD

I loved my session with Karrie! She is such a gifted channel for sharing the wisdom of astrology. She offered thorough and insightful information about all areas of my life in a way that was easy-to-grasp, down-to-earth, and actionable. I’m going through some major transitions in my life right now, and my reading with Karrie helped put things in perspective and reassured me that I am on the right path. In the time since my session I have had various little tidbits of what Karrie shared run through my head, and it has helped me remember the larger themes of my life right now. Karrie is a lovely, caring and wise person who is able to explain complex astrological knowledge in a way that is easy to understand. If you are needing guidance around changes happening in your life, or just want to have a bird’s eye view of the astrological elements that are playing out for you, I highly recommend a session with Karrie!
— Tenaya Amelia, Sebastopol, CA

“I gained so much value from my Astrological Empowerment Coaching with Karrie. There were some areas in my life where I’d felt stuck for many years, but after gaining insight and using Karrie’s steadfast and intuitive guidance, I’ve been able to let go of old stories and limitations to make the truly powerful changes that I’d been unable to make on my own. I have found more peace within myself and in my personal relationships, as well a renewed sense of inspiration and direction for my business and life in general. I HIGHLY recommend working with Karrie if you’ve been searching for a better way of being.
— Amy G., Astoria, Oregon

She’s got a gift for translating cosmic energies, and gives it straight up, so you can more deeply understand what you’re working with, and how to make friends with those forces.
— K. Current

I have had many informative astrology readings over the years, but what Karrie offers is different. Each time I work with her, I feel I have been seen, blessed, empowered, and challenged to step forward with my gifts in hand.
— Aninha Livingstone, psychologist, writer, and ritual guide

My reading with Karrie was Insightful, revealing, and so empowering. She held the most beautiful space to experience the magic of my chart, and really made me feel safe and seen while I was processing the inner depths of my Chiron and other placements. I learned so much from our reading together, and feel extremely nourished by the wisdom that Karrie shared with me! I will definitely be back for another reading!
— Morgan | Herbal Practitioner

Thank you Karrie for an exceptional reading. I am still, a day later thinking about it. We covered a lot of material, and I love that you left me with a written summary of all the important information for the near future. I can refer back to this reading any time I want. No one has done that before. You are insightful and clearly have a gift for what you do.
— Eve Bernstein, DC CAS

Karrie! You. Are. Amazing. Thank you so so much. My goodness, what a gift you have given me with this reading, thank you. I look forward to future sessions with you. Please let me know how I can help support your work. I’ll definitely be letting my friends know about you. Thank you thank you thank you.
— Lily Moon | Berkeley, CA

I have never ever had such a spot on reading, this is fascinating. Thank you!
— Karina Chanysheva

I met Karrie and was immediately taken by the beautiful love and light that emanates from her. Karrie was laser-focused on sharing important, deep insights about who I am and how I can use the knowledge in my chart to help guide my daily life. I love that she recorded the session so I could reference it again later, to really maximize her insights. She is clear, warm, direct, and empowering. Our hour together was tremendously rewarding and her guidance was invaluable.
After Karrie’s reading, I’m now equipped to move through life with a much deeper understanding of the challenges and opportunities that present themselves. Her insights have empowered me to see life events through a new lens, giving me a new understanding of the things that appear so that I can wrap my arms around them instead of fearing them. I have deep gratitude for the gifts you shared with me Karrie.
— A.L., Fairfax

Karrie’s reading was so insightful and filled with wisdom! She really knows her stuff and it was so helpful to get perspective on what’s been going on and what to expect. She was so on point and brought clarity to big blocks that weren’t really blocks! It was a game changer. I can’t recommend her enough!
— Aletha McGee

Karrie’s Dark Moon Lilith Workshop at Heart Tribe (Fairfax, CA) was incredible. She offers a wealth of information and has a fresh perspective on astrology. It was a powerful evening with some wonderful women and we all learned so much general, as well as personal, information about our charts. It was so much fun and Karrie is a warm, genuine, grounded and engaging presence.
— Abby Kojola, Northern California

I can’t say enough good things about my astrological reading with Karrie! Everything she said made so much sense and resonated profoundly. Her approach is down to earth and relaxed, yet her depth of knowledge was apparent. Karrie truly has a gift and I can’t wait to go more in depth with her! I’m so grateful to have found her. Her readings are so eye-opening yet affirming and have been crucial for me in navigating a difficult/transitional time with ease and grace. Karrie is incredibly articulate, grounded, and knowledgeable, yet highly intuitive and totally connected to the stars and planets. It’s clear that astrology is her calling and it’s honestly inspiring to see her work. I highly recommend getting a reading with her. I’ve had both in person and online readings with her and they were both great. She is honestly amazing!
— Ivy Challis

Karrie is the absolute best, wisest, most truly life-changing astrologer I have ever had the pleasure of working with. Astrology is an inherently complicated field (often burdened by misinformation and misunderstanding), but Karrie explained things to me in a way that made it make sense. Most importantly, she was able to to interpret my chart in a way that made MY LIFE make sense—for the first time ever! While lots of people may know how to “read” the basic facts of an astrological chart, Karrie knows how to read INTO the chart, intuitively connecting the dots, recognizing the underlying trajectory of our personal growth and soul purpose. I was amazed to learn that the dearest dream of my heart—as well as the deepest wound of my life, and all my strengths and interests and passions—were in fact “written in the stars.” Karrie’s astrological report felt like real, tangible evidence of Einstein’s teaching, that “there DOES, in fact, appear to be a plan.” And through it all, Karrie has been a true DELIGHT!!! to work with, so compassionate, encouraging, positive and joyful! Karrie is her own bright star, here to help us reconnect to the light inside of us. If you want to better understand your life and your purpose, work with Karrie! Her insights will radically transform and uplift your life in the best way possible! I love and adore her!
— Elizabeth Perlman, Oakland, CA

I can’t recommend Karrie highly enough! My reading with this magical lady helped me to get clear on where to focus my energy in my life at this time. She holds space for you like a friend, and helps you to feel comfortable and supported during your reading. She elevates and lifts you up, showing you where to align and move forward, and also keeps it real and doesn’t avoid discussing challenges which is something that I really appreciate. Karrie is wonderful and everyone should experience a reading with her - truly a huge gift! Thank you Karrie!
— Lucia Y., San Francisco, CA

Karrie is an incredibly talented astrologer and healer! My reading with her really cleared up why I am the way that I am - and why it is such a GIFT. She helps you notice your strengths and what you need to do in order to thrive. I feel all systems go and empowered to continue on my path and this was such great confirmation! She’s also light hearted, down to earth and real. A must! I look forward to continue readings with her in the future.
— Brittney N., Fairfax, CA

I was gifted a birth-chart reading with Karrie. One of the best gifts I’ve ever received. Karrie has such a deep understanding and clarity for what I’ve been through, am going through, and may go through. I’ve often felt skeptical of how astrology can actually help ones life, but Karrie helped me understand some of the unconscious patterns I’ve been acting on and why that might be happening. Highly recommend her birth-chart reading if you’re feeling stuck and need guidance!
— Naomi B., Emeryville, CA

I can’t believe how powerful my one hour session with Karrie was: so enlightening! Karrie is very knowledgeable and clearly explained the key aspects of my chart. I love how she brings her holistic health coach experience into the reading to provide recommendations for wellness. I strongly recommend working with her!
— Lara P., San Francisco, CA

Karrie was very prepared and very knowledgeable about what she offers. I had an hour-long astrology reading and she was very clear in explaining all the aspects that were currently affecting me. It became clear to me that she has much more knowledge she brings to the table besides astrology. Her services are well rounded to help the individual become empowered in their lives. I look forward to continue working with her!
— Mary S., Forest Knolls, CA

I walked away from our session with a renewed sense of light and insight into who I am and am so glad that I went forward with doing this. I’d been reading a lot about energy, paying more attention to it and I felt like Karrie tuned right in to assist me and bring me to the next stage in my understanding- a spiritual guide, if you will. Her assertions of my connections to the other side, other energies made so much sense as I have always felt them despite having been born to a family with atheist beliefs. I know Karrie as her real estate broker- so we did know each other- but the things she was able to tell me about myself were beyond what my closest friends would be able to say. I think Karrie is truly gifted and has integrated the science of astrology with her natural intuition, intelligence and radiance to genuinely help and heal. I strongly recommend her to anyone interested in gaining insight into their cosmic selves.
— Shari S., Brooklyn, NY