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 About Karrie

I wasn’t always an Astrologer.

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In the beginning, I was a Video Producer suffering from obesity, anxiety, and low self confidence that was both chronic and confusing.  I attended a good school, worked non-stop and made great money, but my health, my relationships and my connection to my Self suffered greatly in the process (disclaimer: I have A LOT of Taurus in my chart!).  With almost 100 lbs. To lose, I bit the bullet and joined a 12-step program for food addiction.  And with the help of that loving community, I lost over 100 lbs. Whew! Glad that’s over, right? Two years later, I was a size 9, in a great relationship and now Creative Director of my own video production company. But I still had anxiety. I still had pain and inflammation in my body. I still had very low self confidence. And I also had a sneaking suspicion that I was meant to do more with my life than just check off boxes. I was so confused; why wasn’t I happy…still?

Consciousness = Courage


So, I did what most practical people do to find clarity; I went to see a therapist.  And that therapist just happened to also be an Astrologer. She introduced me to my birth chart, and through my own curiosity and astrological study, I learned what my particular life path was for, why I had been through certain experiences and what I was meant to do with them.  I believe Astrology is a “Rosetta Stone into our inner psyches”; revealing not only the gifts of our individual life paths, but also how to manifest them. By that time, I had begun studying Holistic Health Consulting, and this combined with my multiple years experience in business and entrepreneurialism, helped me see exactly how to use Astrology as a revolutionary “life hack”.  I could help myself and others stop wasting time, money and energy, and get clear path direction to the calm, confident, prosperous lives we were all meant to have.

Getting Out of My Own Way 

Of course, I couldn’t just throw some woo woo theories out there without any concrete, practical evidence (disclaimer: I’ve got a ton of Virgo in my chart, too!) So, I created a year-long study of my own, my goal to conduct over 100 astrology readings and follow-up sessions with strangers, documenting if the things I’d revealed to them about their charts and the guidance I’d given them based on it had actually created change in their real lives.


Almost immediately, I got feedback that my practical interpretation of their chart and my real world “life hack” strategies about what to do next gave them the insight they needed to transform their lives. I have received documentation from clients all over the world, who have purchased my readings, who attend my workshops, and who have ongoing mentoring sessions with me, who generously share how their lives have been activated and changed since being introduced to my Empowerment Astrology sessions. Clients who have taken my Living In Alignment Sessions have reported increased self-esteem, weight loss and release from chronic health issues. Clients who I have mentored through my Astrological Empowerment Sessions continue to make profound changes in their relationships, careers and spiritual lives. If you’d like to read just some of this feedback, please visit my PRAISE page.

 Sharing The Path


Soon, I had all the evidence that I needed to invest in becoming a full-fledged Astrologer, one that merges traditional earth science, intuitive insight and life hack strategies to help people get the clear direction they need to change their own lives. I love sharing this knowledge with people to keep them on the path to a fulfilling life. And, I’d love to share this gift with you, too!

xo, Karrie