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Readings & Coaching Sessions

Would you like to:

Change your life direction?

Release toxic patterns?

Discover your life purpose?

You've come to the right place! I offer online readings and coaching sessions that will support you in finding your way.

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Astrology Readings

Astrology is so much more than a horoscope.  It's a "life hack", providing us with clear insight into our unique life path, blind spots and gifts.  As an Astrologer for Life Empowerment, my job is to connect the dots in your birth chart, helping you dissolve those blind spots, utilize those gifts and give you the direction you need to lead a fulfilling life.

If you are looking for guidance to understand yourself, your relationships, your health, or the changes that are occurring in your life right now, my Empowerment Astrology Readings will help you get the clarity you need.  

*All sessions ore delivered LIVE ONLINE.  Your current Astrology Charts and an audio recording will be emailed to you after the reading.

Birth Chart Astrology Reading (75 min.) - $145

This is a full birth chart analysis, designed to empower you with the knowledge to finally understand your life journey, reveal your blinds spots, activate your gifts and give you some strategies to move you in the right direction. 

After the session, you will receive via email: (1) a copy of your most recent updated charts, (2) a reading recording, and (3) a full sheet of notes to help you summarize the reading for your future use, study and expansion. 

*This reading is recommended for people who are not familiar with their chart AND/OR who have not had a reading in the last two years.  

Current Shifts & Upcoming Changes Astrology Reading (30 min.) - $75

Already familiar with your birth chart, but just need a quick check in to clarify ONE THING that’s currently happening?  Ask ONE QUESTION about what’s going on in your life right now, learn why it’s occurring, what may be coming up next and receive some strategies to guide you through it.  Sample topics could be: Career, Relationships (partners, family, friends, etc.), or Finances. 

*This reading is for people who are already very familiar with their birth chart and have also had an astrology reading in the last year.

Soul Business Astrology Reading (45 min.) - $125

Connect with a business and career that will feed your soul as well as your wallet.  Discover the occupation that aligns with your life purpose, and learn when to launch new products, how to take your programs to another level or when to preserve your energy (and money!) for a more strategic time.      

Synastry Astrology Reading for Partners, Family Members or Just Two People (90 min.) - $245

Understand the true anatomy of your relationship with your partner.  Learn communication styles, sexual & psychological needs, deepest wounds and the true reason for your union at this time.  Perfect for new partners, longtime partners, friends, family or colleagues seeking clear path understanding and strategies for peaceful cohabitation with one another other. 


Package!  Birth Chart Natal Reading + AstroMap Relocation & Travel Astrology Reading (90 min) - $195

Along with your birth chart reading, learn the places on the planet that effortlessly align with your unique geographical energy. Discover where you should travel to align with love, a new career, personal transformation, peaceful retirement or overall well-being. After the session, you will receive an emailed recording of your reading.

Package!  Birth Chart Natal Reading + AstroHealth Wellness Astrology Reading (90 min.) - $195

Did you know each zodiac sign is directly linked to different organs and systems in the physical body?  Along with your birth chart reading, discover the foods you should be eating (or not eating!), which type of exercise is most effective for you, or the herbs you should be taking for optimal health.  Learn when a period of challenging health may be coming up, and how to best prepare for it.

Disclaimer:  Astrology Readings & Coaching Sessions provide a space to explore, clarify, and suggest action steps to make it easier for you to navigate your situation.  Astrology Readings & Coaching DO NOT make decisions for you.  The guidance from a reading is just that, guidance.
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Throughout life, we need ongoing support to release old wounds, re-pattern toxic behavior or even take full advantage of abundance coming our way. My Astrological Coaching Sessions combine amplified knowledge of your birth chart, with real world life coaching strategies and step-by-step guidance for how to get there.  

If you are looking for clarity AND strategic support through a particularly challenging or abundant period in your life, my Astrological Empowerment Sessions will help you navigate this transition.

AstroEmpowerment Breakthrough Sessions


(3) - 60 minute sessions - $555

AstroEmpowerment Breakthrough sessions will help you:

  • -Locate your blindspots regarding finances, career, relationships or life direction, and utilize the tools you’ve been given in your chart to dissolve them.

  • -Heal your cellular trauma and understand your karmic lessons

  • -Release, re-pattern, re-align & re-direct your life

These are (3) 60-minute sessions, scheduled 2 weeks apart.  We will spend the sessions (1) assessing your astrological chart, (2) creating a flower alchemy treatment for gently releasing the challenging aspects we find, and (3) jumpstarting your awareness and directing your healing.  Clients with the willingness to release lifelong toxic patterns have used this technique to transform their behaviors, release chronic energetic pain and make revolutionary changes in their lives.

“I gained so much value from my AstroEmpowerment Breakthrough sessions with Karrie. There were some areas in my life where I’d felt stuck for many years, but after gaining insight and using Karrie’s steadfast and intuitive guidance, I’ve been able to let go of old stories and limitations to make the truly powerful changes that I’d been unable to make on my own. I have found more peace within myself and in my personal relationships, as well as a renewed sense of inspiration and direction for my business and life in general. I HIGHLY recommend working with Karrie if you’ve been searching for a better way of being.
— Amy G., Astoria, Oregon

Living In Alignment Sessions

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Your physical health is directly connected to your emotional health.  When unresolved past trauma or unhealthy habits cause imbalance in the mind, the body reacts with physical dis-ease.  Whether you are looking to release excess weight, or simply create a sustainable self care plan for your unique lifestyle, my Living In Alignment sessions can help you get there.   Combining insight into your unique zodiac medical make up with my background as a Holistic Health Coach, keeping you accountable through techniques and exercises.  

Living In Alignment Sessions will help you:

  • Change your behavioral habits

  • Balance your body

  • Reconnect to abundance

SCHEDULE A FREE 30-minute clarity call with me to apply for my mentorship and discover if we are a good fit to work together towards your goal!

Disclaimer:  Astrology Readings & Coaching Sessions provide a space to explore, clarify, and suggest action steps to make it easier for you to navigate your situation.  Astrology Readings & Coaching DO NOT make decisions for you.  The guidance from a reading is just that, guidance.
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