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Because technology finally caught up to it. With the invention of the Internet and social media, we can now clearly see how events that astrologers have been “predicting” for centuries are actually showing up all over the world. We can feel the major shifts that are taking place and we’re simply not able to gaslight ourselves about it anymore. And frankly, we’re just ready for a change.

In Part 2 of my guest episode on the Freedom to Shine Podcast with Katherine Koroll, I go into detail about the two major shifts we experienced last week - Mercury in Pisces Retrograde and Uranus in Taurus - and give you real world strategies to not only survive - but rise up and thrive! - with these new energies. I also go in depth with @katherinekoroll about the astroid Chiron and how you can use it to awaken your true identity and activate ultimate healing & wholeness.